About Us

Hello! My name is Jacob, and I welcome you to our world. For those of you who are wondering, I'm a zebra. There's Harper, and she's an elephant. Then you have Grace and Emily, our mama giraffe and her daughter. Finally, there's Jackson, and he's a crocodile! You don't see him in the picture above because, well, he's sneaky!

At this website, you'll be able to follow our weekly adventures as we live our lives in the wilds of Africa. Just like you, we have good days and bad days. A good day could be lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, plentiful food (um!), and playful adventure. A bad day could be monsoon rains and flooding, stampedes, and hunters with BIG GUNS!

Follow along in our blog each week and see how we interact with the world around us.

For $19.95/monthly, you'll have full access to follow the adventures of Jacob, Harper, Grace, Emily and Jackson.

Refunds & Cancellation: We do not offer refunds once you have purchased a month's worth of membership because once you become a member you gain access to all of our assets, which are the blogs. However, you may cancel at any time on the My Account page which appears in the menu once you are a member. It is a simple, one-click cancellation button, no fuss, no hassle, hate to see you go but won't make you jump through any hoops.